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Since 1980 SAMIT ITALIA designs and manufactures directly for "do it yourself" articles with particular attention to the furniture industry. Ranging in a world of ideas, forms and colors without giving up the convenience.
Samit snc is a landmark in the world of support and clamping.
Produces special items and suitable to live in joy in the everyday life of their environments, gained through experience and expertise.

This commitment began many years ago in a small laboratory, continues still in a well-established. Pushed by the desire for a family of proposal, the SAMIT ITALIA is always looking for projects that combine design, functionality and style.
The main principle of our company is to bring up the flag proudly Made in Italy, emphasizing creativity and imagination.

SAMIT ITALIA is always ready to study innovative products. Starting from the concept that a product as well as being good quality should also be beautiful and attractive, adapting perfectly to the style furnishing the environment in which it is placed, SAMIT ITALIA has developed high quality shelf holders able to be moved from more traditional trips to storage rooms, the windows from the back room due to their design.